Microlab Advantage : Thermochemistry

  • MicroLab’s FS-524 lab interface has 16 bit precision, which allows for an extra decimal of precision in temperature measurements compared to 12 bit lab interface devices. This means you can use smaller sample sizes with the same accuracy and precision you would get from 12 bit devices requiring larger samples.
  • The Thermistor (Model 103) is electrically insulated from its shaft and can be used with a pH or other probe without interaction.
  • The Thermistor (Model 103) is an industrial grade temperature sensor mounted in a 1/16 inch diameter stainless steel tube (half the diameter and roughly 1/3 the thermal mass of common educational thermistors). This gives low thermal mass and fast response.
  • The Thermocouple (Model 108) has an unfinished tip for use in a wide range of applications requiring tight spaces or special configurations.
  • Sensor can be read in Celsius, Fahrenheit, or Kelvin temperature scales using the MicroLab software.
  • Sensors are rugged and have long life expectancy (in 15 years we have never had one broken).
  • Quick response time to track rapidly changing chemical reactions.
  • High resolution and low noise to monitor small temperature changes.