Coulometric Titration Experiments

What follows is a bibliography taken from the Journal of Chemical Education in March of 2013 searching on the terms “Coulometric” and “Coulometry” in the title. Some of these references are actually pretty old and refer to apparatus that is no longer available, but that shouldn’t matter – the chemistry is the same, and, many of these experiments could be done much more easily now, especially with the MicroLab interface and software in conjunction with MicroLab’s coulometry accessories.

Coulometric titrations have historically been surrounded by an aura of mystery and remained the bailiwick of dyed-in-the-wool electrochemists, requiring home built constant current or constant voltage sources with fancy custom detector circuits and lots of time and motivation. Some of this is evident in the references below.

Well, no more! MicroLab has made coulometry much simpler, and accessible to any chemist with an analytical bent and a hankering to try something interesting and put it in the curriculum.

The MicroLab FS522 lab interface with its accessory Model 292 Coulometric Titration Module and one-click Coulometric Titration software make it easy to get started. Add a few items readily available from your stockroom, from MicroLab, or from your regular chemical suppliers (such as Sigma Aldrich, Flinn Scientific, Fisher) – items such as graphite electrodes, silver wire, Pt wire, agar, beakers, magnetic stirrer, and clamps – and you are ready to get started.

Though these references contain a wealth of information and ideas to use, you don’t really need to dig through them to get started. MicroLab has developed some coulometric titration experiments and a demonstration video to get you started right out of the box once you have the FS522, the latest software, and the Model 292 Coulometric Titration Module. The CD with the experiments comes with the 292 unit. The experiments are also available for download

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