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The way you use your laboratory equipment has an undeniable impact on the results of your experiments and the conclusions you draw from them. At MicroLab, we provide lesson plans and equipment that you can use to ensure your chemistry experiments and training exercises teach students what they need to know.

Whether you’re in need of a few laboratory modules for an advanced class or a new curriculum that makes things easier for beginners, we can help. Just visit one of the categories featured here to source hardware or set up customized training with a MicroLab ambassador. Our experienced team members can help you integrate interfaces, sensors, modules, compact labs and complex spectrophotometry equipment into your current lesson plans without throwing your instructors into disarray or making things harder for learners.

Our goal is to help you teach and train as accurately and consistently as possible. We can help you design experiments, conduct learning exercises and even publicize the results of your research, so get started today. Bring your chemistry training standards into harmony with the techniques employed by the rest of the scientific community by choosing one of the options below.

Being professors ourselves, MicroLab’s Team is happy to provide support and materials to maximize your students’ learning.

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