Visual Spectrometer, Model 141

Diffraction Grating 500 line/mm
Accuracy ± 1 nm
Full Width Half Max 4 nm

MicroLab’s Visual Spectrometer, Model 141, is rugged, affordable and easy-to-use.  Couple it with our Fiber Optic Cable, Model 142, and a point-and-shoot or cell phone camera mounted to a Camera Mount, Model 143, and you have a powerful calibrated emission spectrophotometer.  The fiber opSO12btic directs light from a reference sample to the same viewing field, producing both sample and reference spectra simultaneously.  This is an excellent tool to connect your student’s understanding of how light interacts with a sample to the measurements made by your conventional, black-box spectrophotometer.  You can move seamlessly from visual, qualitative understanding to quantitative measurements.  Additionally, openings at 90° angle of incidence allow for fluorescence measurements.  For more information, check out our Visual Spectrometer Brochure or Spectrophotometry Curriculum Page.


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SO17 SO16 SO15
Fiber Optic Cable, Model 142,
included with purchase of
Visual Spectrometer, Model 141
Camera Mount, Model 143