Spectrometer, Diode Array, Model 211C

Optical Bench Symmetrical Czerny-Turner, 75 mm focal length
Wavelength range 360-1100 nm
Slit width 25 mm
Resolution 1.2 nm, FWHM
Stray light <0.1%
Detector CCD linear array, 2048 pixels
Signal to noise 250:1
A/D Converter 14 bits
Integration time 1.2 ms-10 minutes
Interface USB
Dimensions 175 x 110 x 44 mm
Weight 716 grams

The MicroLab/Avantes Spectrophotometer, Model 211C is a 2048 channel diode array spectrophotometer for measurement of atomic and fluorescence emission spectra.  Long integration times allow detection of weakly fluorescent or dilute samples.  The 211C has very narrow (25 micron) slits and spreads a 740nm spectrum over 2048 detector channels for higher resolution than conventionally seen for educational spectrometers (3-4 times that of diode array spectrometers).  Students are able to easily and accurately resolve closely spaced spectral lines with widely different intensities.

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