Gas Pressure Apparatus, Model 116

Pressure Range* 0-2 atm
Resolution* 3.9 x 10-5 atm
Components (amount included) 60 mL syringe (1)
3 mL syringe (1)
Leur ‘T’ Fitting (1)
3-way Leur Stopcock (3)
On/Off Leur Stopcock (1)
MicroLab Interface Input Male Luer lock pressure sensor

*When used with MicroLab 400 or 500 Interfaces

The Gas Pressure Apparatus, Model 116, enables students to quickly assemble experiments to measure vapor pressure, absolute zero and stoichiometric production of gases by chemical reactions. The MicroLab Interface,  Model FS-528, has a built-in 16-bit pressure sensor that can detect pressure changes as small as ±3.9 x 10-5 atm (±0.03 torr).

Model116_2Vapor pressure of liquids at different temperatures can be easily measured with MicroLab equipment. This sample was pulled to a slight vacuum (512 torr) with a syringe prior to injection of an alcohol sample. This keeps the two-hole stopper tight. The vapor pressure of this sample was 39.47 torr. The baseline was extremely stable before and after vaporization. The sample flask can be easily flushed with dry nitrogen prior to sample injection.