Gas Chromatography Cable, Model 135

Range 0-50 mV
Resolution 0.003 mV
Cable Length 34”
MicroLab Input Flat 2 pin TC connector


The MicroLab Interface Model FS-528 is an excellent readout unit for popular Gow-Mac gas chromatographs. A simple connection with the Gas Chromatography Cable, Model 135, permits collection and integration of GC peaks with a sensitivity range of 50 mV full scale.

The banana jack voltage input on MicroLab interfaces connects via the Gas Chromatography Cable to the gas chromatograph signal output (see inset in image above).  Note that the plugs are color coded to match banana jacks on both Gow-Mac and MicroLab units.

MicroLab provides signal amplification, noise reduction and the ability to plot and separately integrate peaks with its standard software.

The sample data plot below is a time/voltage plot of the gas chromatogram of a mixture of methyl and propyl alcohol.


Gas Chromatography Cable