Drop Counter, Model 226


MicroLab’s Drop Counter, IR Reflective, Model 226, uses an infrared light emitting diode and a photo-transistor to count individual drops.  It is a great tool for performing analytical titrations.    A background correction circuit subtracts ambient light from the sensor’s view and another circuit prevents multiple counts from fragmented drops.  This combination provides a robust method for tracking how much volume is titrated into a reaction vessel.  The LED flashes on the drop counter for each drop detected.  There is a lot more information available if one is able to track and plot volume with respect to pH, temperature, conductance or other solution properties.  Therefore, two mounting holes are available for a thermistor (7 mm diameter) and pH/redox/conductivity (13 mm diameter) probe.  View our brochure for more information.

Drop Counter Dimensions Length 73.9 mm
Width 40.1 mm
Thickness 12.2 mm
Material Delrin
Cable Length 3’
Potting Epoxy
Power +5 VDC
Output Pulse 25 ms, TTL
Notch Width 14 mm