Drop Dispenser, Automated Constant Volume, Model 254

Titrant Reservoir 50 mL
Drop Volume 0.034 mL
Overall Length 16.5 cm
Reservoir Diameter 6.3 cm
Clamp Diameter 3.8 cm
Material Polypropylene & Polycarbonate

Includes the Model 157 Extension Clamp.

MicroLab’s Automated Drop Dispenser, Constant Volume, Model 254, adds a Teflon-lined industrial control solenoid to our standard Drop Dispenser.  Operating under software control via the MicroLab Interface (Model FS-528) multipurpose input, this drop dispenser will stop titrations after a predetermined time period or when the solution reaches a predetermined pH, conductance, or other measured property.  This control capability provides an introduction to the closed-loop control typical of industrial processes and research experiments.