Half-Cell Module, Model 152

Minimum Required Volume 2.5 mL
Solution Capacity 3.2 mL
Salt Bridge Volume 4 mL
Salt Bridge Material Porous Polyethylene
Pore Size 60 mm
Salt Bridge Thickness 3.2 mm
Overall diameter 10.1 cm

MicroLab’s Half-Cell Module, Model 152 (Mult-EChem),  provides a low cost and highly visual way to help students understand electron transfer reactions and the Electrochemical Series.  It has space for eight user-designated metal/metal ion half-cells.  Each half-cell equally accesses a central salt bridge through a replaceable porous cylinder.  A milled “overflow” area prevents spills and mixing of solutions.  It can be used with any DC voltmeter or MicroLab Interface.




Half Cell Module