Electroplating Power Supply, Model 274

Dimensions 5.5” x 3.6” x 1.1”
Output 0-2.5 V, 1 A max
Power Supply 6 VDC
MicroLab Input CAT-5 Input A, B or C

Electrochemistry is a critically important concept covered near the end of undergraduate general chemistry courses.  Labs to explore electrochemistry are typically difficult and expensive.  Using MicroLab’s Electroplating Power Supply, Model 274, students can set the voltage applied to a cell and accurately measure the current over time to investigate electroplating and perform coulometric titrations. MicroLab’s Electroplating software permits the student to set the applied voltage and monitor time versus cell current or coulombs of charge to determine the moles of electrons delivered during the experiment.  You can design electrogravimetric experiments for your students to determine Avogadro’s number, ionic charge or atomic mass.