Coulometry Module, Model 292

Dimensions 5.5” x 3.6” x 1.1”
Inputs [pH/Redox/ISE] ± 2500 mV 1-BNC connector
Electrochemistry Voltage out,
Current in, Voltage in
3-banana jack connectors
(color coded)
Amperometric end-point sensor,
0-1.5 volts, 250 uA
2-banana jack connectors
(color coded)
Voltage Output  0 to ± 2500 mV, 0 to +5000 mV
Current Range
(low, medium and high sensitivity)
 25 mA, 2.5 mA and 0.25 mA
MicroLab Input CAT-5 Input A and B

MicroLab’s Coulometry Module, Model 292, connects coulometry and voltammetry experiments to MicroLab Interface, Model FS-528, Port A general purpose input.  Because the cell current in a coulometric experiment will interfere with other electrochemical measurements in the same solution, the Coulometry Module, Model 292, includes circuits used in medical electronics to provide  2 kV electrical isolation for the sensor amplifiers.  Redox, pH, ISE and amperometric end points may be tracked with no interference between the couometric titration and the monitoring electrode.  A manual control permits the operator to set the voltage applied to the amperometric detector.  Additional sensors are easily monitored with MicroLab’s user-friendly software.