Lab modules add the diversity and flexibility needed for both campus and professional laboratories to complete a wide variety of data collection, research and experimentation tasks. Essentials when it comes to chemistry lab equipment, modules are designed to work with the lab interface system that your campus or company uses. All of our modules work with the MicroLab Interface model FS-524, one of the most reliable interfaces in the field.

Modules provide for expanded measurement and experimentation capability. Their applications include Coulometry, cyclic voltammetry and many others, depending upon the needs of your lab. These high-precision measurement tools communicate directly with the MicroLab Interface to ensure that data is securely transferred, communicated and stored. Integrating modules with one another is a great way to take multiple measurements without degrading sample integrity or adjusting for minute-to-minute changes to a sample’s condition.

Adapters, accessories and control modules are among the most essential laboratory equipment for companies and campuses that need to go beyond basics to more detailed, accurate data gathering.

MicroLab offers an array of modular devices to supplement the MicroLab Interface, Model FS-528, some of which have stand-alone capabilities.

scroller13_1Half-Cell Module, Model 152 Model170_ThumbCyclic Voltammetry Module, Model 170 M02Energy of Light, Plank’s Constant Module, Model 214
Control Module, 12 VDC, Model 255
Electroplating Power Supply, Model 274
Sensor Adapter Module, Model 290
Coulometry Module, Model 292