MicroLab Interface, FS-500 (FS 522, 524, & 528)

The new MicroLab Interface FS-500FASTspec™ offers a superior data collection system at an affordable price. Simply plug in one of our sensors or use one of your own. Flexibility and quality have never been so easily achieved.

The MicroLab FS-500 integrates the most widely used chemical sensors into a cost-effective package that allows a broad range of chemical measurement

  • Integrated sensors and sensor amplifiers eliminate clutter from the lab bench, reduce your overall cost, and provide low-noise, high-resolution measurements. Small changes in chemical and biological systems are clearly visible with this Interface system.
  • Ease of use: MicroLab Software provides drag-and-drop experiment design and graphical data representation. Indicator LED’s on the FS-5500 front panel give clear indication of what ports are being used and their status as to active or inactive.
  • Protection against obsolescence: Use of modern integrated circuit and semiconductor designs ensures a long useful life. We back this with a 5-year warranty.

FS-500 Series Specifications

      • FS 522 & 528
      • Scanning spectrophotometer, UV-VIS-Near IR (360-940 nm) FASTspec™ technology simultaneously measures FLUORESCENCE / ABSORBANCE / Scatter / TRANSMISSION
      • Beer’s Law, Kinetics, and Color Comparison software.
      • 16-wavelength turbidity / nephelometry / backscatter turbidity measurements.
      • Instrument programs for ENERGY OF LIGHT, ELECTROCHEMISTRY, fraction collection, GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY.
      • Integrated pH / REDOX / DISSOLVED OXYGEN sensor amplifiers.
      • Integrated 0-2 atm PRESSURE SENSOR.
      • Three multi-purpose sensor ports – TEMPERATURE, LIGHT and more.
      • Integrated high resolution -200 to + 1000°C THERMOCOUPLE input.
      • Four range voltage input: ±100 mV, 1.0V, 2.5V, 10.0V.
      • Integrated dual range CONDUCTANCE input.
      • Counter input for DROP COUNTERS and Geiger counters.
      • AC/DC power for laboratory or field use.
      • FS 528
      • Constant Temperature Heater System
      • Sample Illumination
      • Rotating Field Magnetic Stirring
      • Real Time Tactile Control
      • Regulated Electroplating/Coulometry Power Supply
      • Cyclic Voltammetry
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Introduction to FS-500 Series

Hear what our Customers are saying:

“MicroLab has made our labs much more economical. Experiments use smaller samples, run more quickly, and students use their time more effectively.”

– Virginia Wairegi,
Rice University

“MicroLab’s software is an enormous aid for non-major students to visualize data collection in real time, and leads them to clearly understand the concept of the lab”

– Dr. Angie Sower,
Montana State University – Bozeman

Introduction to MicroLab FS-500 Series

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