MicroLab 500 Series

MicroLab’s affordable 500-series computer-based USB Interfaces integrate FASTspecTM technology and the most-used chemical sensors.  Students can make almost every instrumental measurement required for college chemistry and biology. And they do so with powerful, transparent and flexible software that engages them in science.

Integrated sensors and sensor amplifiers eliminate clutter from the lab bench, reduce cost and create low noise, high resolution measurements.  Small changes in chemical and biological systems are clearly visible.

All interfaces come equipped with a site license and free student downloads of MicroLab Software

User-friendly MicroLab software acts as the portal students traverse in their quest for scientific knowledge.  It was built to help students and instructors work together to design experiments and quickly collect high quality data.  They can move seamlessly to display, discussion and analysis using data to answer their questions.  The experimental data appears live as the experiment runs in simultaneous digital and graphic displays.  Research has shown that visualization of relationships between variables is most effective if less than a minute elapses between collection of data and viewing the graphs.  MicroLab allows them to see the graphs form as the data is collected, increasing this effectiveness.

Introducing Our Newest Interface, the FS-528

Our newest interface, the MicroLab Interface Model FS-528,  has added functionality but costs less!  We were able to do this by integrating the circuit boards for our FastSpec and Electrochemistry Module into the Interface Model FS-524 circuit board.  This dramatically reduced our manufacturing costs and we want to pass the savings to you!

The Versatile Interface, MicroLab FS-524

FS522The multipurpose MicroLab Interface, Model FS-524, is an all-in-one interface that integrates the most commonly used chemical sensors; temperature, pH, redox potential, pressure, conductance, voltage, time, and FASTspecTM technology for fluorescence, absorbance, transmittance, scatter and turbidity measurements to make our most powerful instrument yet.  You cannot buy a more comprehensive piece of chemistry equipment. It brings a broad spectrum of affordable, precision experiments not only to general chemistry, but to analytical, physical and biochemistry.  The closed-loop programming capabilities of MicroLab’s software makes possible Chemtech and independent research applications.  With less time spent in upper level courses in learning instrument control and software, students are able to focus on questions surrounding the science.

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The Original FASTspecTM Interface, MicroLab FS-516

FS516The FASTspecTM MicroLab Interface, Model FS-516, was designed specifically for spectrophotometric applications.  The integrated 16-wavelength scanning spectrophotometer, our FASTspecTM technology, simultaneously measures Fluorescence, Absorbance (transmittance), Scatter and Turbidity for wavelengths from 360-880 nm.  The interface also includes a stereo input port for our patented IR Reflective Drop Counter, Model 226, perfect for performing spectrophotometric titrations or monitoring chromatographic fraction collection.

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Introduction to FS-500 Series

Hear what our Customers are saying:

“MicroLab has made our labs much more economical. Experiments use smaller samples, run more quickly, and students use their time more effectively.”

– Virginia Wairegi,
Rice University

“MicroLab’s software is an enormous aid for non-major students to visualize data collection in real time, and leads them to clearly understand the concept of the lab”

– Dr. Angie Sower,
Montana State University – Bozeman

Introduction to MicroLab FS-500 Series

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