Clamp for Drop Dispenser (top) and Clamp for Drop Counter (bottom)


  • Clamp for Drop Dispenser, Model 156
  • Clamp for Drop Counter, Model 158

MicroLab Clamps, Model 156 and 158, were uniquely designed to easily mount and position our Drop Dispensers and Drop Counter.  Made of rugged, chemically-resistant, ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene, these lightweight clamps fit ring stands to 3/8” diameter (1/2” available upon request).  The reservoir of both MicroLab Drop Dispensers (Model 154 or Model 254) nests securely in the Model 156 Clamp.  The Drop Counter can be positioned either horizontally or vertically with the Model 158 clamp.


Spectrophotometry Accessories

  • Spectrophotometer Vial Pack,  Model 180


The sample holder of all MicroLab FASTspecTM Interfaces can accommodate vials with diameters of 14.45 mm, 16.65 mm, and 22.45 mm. Each Vial Pack contains 4 of each size vial for a total of 12 vials. One can compensate for more concentrated samples by choosing a vial with a shorter path length, or experimentally demonstrate the effect of path length on absorbance using all three vial sizes.

  • Camera Mount for Visual Spectrometer, Model 143

Model141This camera mounts works well for aligning your point-and-shoot camera with the Visual Spectrophotometer to capture images of spectra.

  •  Fiber Optic Cable for Visual Spectrophotometer, Model 142


The Fiber Optic Cable for MicroLab’s Visual Spectrophotometer directs light from any source into the lower portion of the Visual Spectrophotometer.  This makes possible real-time comparisons and wavelength calibration of absorbance or emission spectra.

  • Fluorescence Fiber Optic Adaptor for Diode Array Spectrophotometer, Model 213

Easily mount the Fluorescence Fiber Optic Adaptor to the Avantes Diode Array Spectrophotometer to collect a high resolution emission spectra (a.k.a., fluorescence spectra) of your sample.  In this configuration, the MicroLab FASTspecTM LEDs become your tunable excitation source.

  • Power Pack and DVM Lead for Energy of Light Module, Model 214D


This combination accessory permits the operation of the Energy of Light Module as a standalone device.  The Digital Voltmeter (DVM) Lead easily connects the Energy of Light Module to a digital voltmeter to measure the applied potential as it is adjusted.  Click here for additional details of operating the Energy of Light Module in standalone mode.