MicroLab offers an array of chemistry lab equipment, including probes and sensors, to enable simultaneous measurement of temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, voltage, conductance, and more, using a single lab interface.  Our primary desktop instrument is the Lab Interface, Model FS-528 with FASTspec technology.  This interface includes integrated sensors and sensor amplifiers, software with drag-and-drop experiment design and real-time graphical data generation.  Individual equipment and special package pricing is available in the Pricing and Purchase tab. The latest version of the software is always available free from our web site in the Downloads tab!  This Index lists all of the chemistry lab equipment that is presently available from MicroLab.

Chemistry Lab Equipment Model No.
Lab Interface FS-528 528
Thermistor 103
Thermocouple 109
Light Sensor 112
Gas Pressure Apparatus 116
pH Electrode 121
Redox (ORP)Probe 125
Dissolved Oxygen Probe 127
Voltage Lead 133
Gas Chromatography Cable 135
Visual Spectrometer 141
   Fiber Optic Cable 142
   Camera Mount Only 143
Visual Spectrometer w/Camera Mount (141, 143) 146-Pkg
Test Leads, Alligator Clips 150
Electrochemistry Metal Sample Kit 151
Half-Cell Module, Multi-eChem 152
Drop Dispenser, Constant Volume 154
   Drop Dispenser Clamp 156
Drop Dispenser, Constant Volume w/Clamp (154, 156) 154-Pkg
IR Drop Counter Clamp 158
Conductance Probe 160
Cyclic Voltammetry Module 170
Vial Pack, Lab Interface Model 524 180
Gas Pressure Syringe 2011
Spectrometer, Diode Array 211C
   Fluorescence Adapter 213
Energy of Light, Plank’s Constant Module 214
   Power Pack DVM Kit 214D
Atom’s First Spectroscopy Package (214, 214-D, 146) 214-Pkg
Drop Counter, IR Reflective 226
Drop Counter, IR Reflective w/clamp (226, 158) 226-Pkg
Drop Dispenser, Syringe 2260
Electroplating Module 232
Digital Multimeter, DVM 233
Electrochemistry Kit, Metals, Half-Cell Module (151 & 152) 235-Pkg
   Kit w/235 and Electroplating Module (151, 152, & 232) 236-Pkg
   Kit w/236 and DVM (151,152,232,233) 237-Pkg
Drop Dispenser, Automated 254
     Control Module, 12 VDC 255
Heater, Test Tube, 10 Watt 257
Electroplating Power Supply 274
Sensor Adaptor Module 290
Coulometry Module, Isolated Sensors 292
Cabinet, Benchtop Compact 802