Our Catalog

MicroLab provides innovative, affordable, computer-based instruments, software, and curriculum that build solid understanding of chemical principles and engage students in inquiry and research.

This is not your usual catalog.  It is an illustrated story of how MicroLab can help your students-and ours- visualize and understand important chemistry concepts.  It is organized around 12 key general chemistry concepts identified by a survey conducted by University of Arizona Professor, Dr. Steven Brown, starting with graphing or laboratory data and ending with compleximetric titrations.

Lab should be a place where students learn, not just a place to collect data. MicroLab helps you to:

  • Expand Lab Content
  • Increase Understanding
  • Build Inquiry Skills
  • Reduce Chemical Costs
  • Save Lab Time

And we provide solid technical support, free software upgrades, a free site license and free student downloads.

We update our catalog periodically so be sure to check back to see the latest MicroLab products.

With our new ePage Viewer for the catalog, you can take notes, share with a colleague, bookmark items and pages, search, enlarge the print, zoom in on an item, and much more!

Download the ePage Viewer MicroLAB Catalog here.


Download our CATALOG in pdf format (April 2017)