Those of us who teach college and university chemistry face some common problems; How, with limited time and limited budgets can we help our students:

  • build a solid understanding of important chemical principles,
  • develop an appreciation of science as a process of inquiry and
  • create an awareness of the role of chemistry in their everyday lives?

MicroLab, Inc. was created to help develop solutions to achieve these goals, and at the same time help college and university faculty achieve balance between teaching responsibilities and the obligations of research.

With over 300 years of combined experience in research and teaching, members of MicroLab’s team understand the pressure of continuous curriculum improvements and the demands of student mentoring.  We understand your desire to develop methods to inspire inquiry and a love of knowledge.  MicroLab focuses laboratory time on both content and inquiry skills. Students use MicroLab’s intuitive software and high resolution measurements to turn questions into experiments and to quickly collect research quality data. They work with their instructor to define problems, design experiments, evaluate and analyze data, and synthesize concepts. We buy time to do this with a fast, accurate, and affordable electronic data collection system.

MicroLab’s instruments are versatile, rugged, and quick to learn. They support both proof-of-concept and inquiry experiments. A MicroLab FS-500 Interface with our unique FASTspec™ spectrophotometer can simultaneously measure transmission, absorbance, scatter, and fluorescence from 360-940 nm and with included sensors and software site license will make almost every instrumental measurement required in general chemistry or biology. It can also make many of the measurements needed in analytical, physical, environmental and biochemistry. A single multipurpose, small-footprint, cost-effective package saves bench space and dollars, and simplifies lab management.  With three patents granted, MicroLab’s technology is cutting edge.